Embrace the

New is by definition unfamiliar. On first impressions unfamiliar can seem indistinguishable from absurd. But the unfamiliar path can lead to the best destination, and yesterday’s absurd idea is tomorrow’s common sense.

As one of Europe’s pioneering virtual reality application developers APP.laud see the sense in embracing new.



If necessity is the mother of invention, curiosity is the mother of innovation.
APP.laud encourage curiosity because curiosity opens closed doors, solves unanswered questions and drives discovery.

We stay curious, so we stay ahead.


Overcoming by

Understanding is knowledge married with empathy. APP.laud bring a passion and expertise in user experience to every project.

We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and understand a challenge from different perspectives. This is how we unearth the best solution.


Act personal
Build Global

We are not just another app development studio.
We believe the future belongs to whomever reaches it first. If you have vision, if you have a passion about “next,” APP.laud will help guide you there.

Our start-up accelerator program programs offers financial support combined with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and mentoring.
Others just build apps, we build empires.