learn deeply

In order to create a product that is relevant, not just today but tomorrow, requires understanding. At APP.laud we take the time to learn your who, what, whys. Only by asking the right questions can you make observations that strike truer, connections that delve deeper and solutions that endure longer.

LEARN your voice

Focus on the fundamentals. At APP.laud we first strive to understand who you are as a company and how you talk to your customers. By understanding the conversation we create applications that make customers feel seen, heard and valued.

LEARN your user

Knowing what your customers want to achieve on your product is important but it is more important to understand why they want to achieve it. The motivations that push your customers will also guide your business.


EXPERIMENT by design

APP.laud is a team of some of Ireland’s most experienced futurists and technologists. “Experienced” can often means “timid.” When past successes dictate the direction of future projects an “if it ain’t broke” mentality sets in.

To APP.laud “established” means secure and security means freedom. Freedom to experiment. To try new paths, new technology and new ideas.

New technology

Mobile development evolved. Screens became more interactive, larger and diverse. APP.laud saw the next trend coming. No more screens.

To become one of Europe's premier Virtual Reality design studios we had to experiment, to move into new territory, from screen to screen-less. Creating experiences that blur the lines between user and device takes courage to walk a new path.

New ideas

We are passionate about new ideas. Our start up accelerator is dedicated to seeing those new ideas realized. We provide time, space and investment needed for a young company to grow.

We help turn new ideas into new ventures. We don't just build apps we build empires.


create solutions

We believe that to solve a problem you need to pull it apart. You need to discuss it, debate it, look at it from every perspective to unearth the smartest solution. But that’s just the start.

To paraphrase Henry Ford “Vision without execution is just hallucination.” You have to rigorously execute the solution. You have to put it back together again, better.

Experienced enthusiam

APP.laud bring a wealth of experience to every new build. But experience can only steer a project, enthusiasm will always drive it. That's why at APP.laud we push ourselves on each new project. By challenging ourselves we stay enthusiastic and that enthusiasm propels our work.